Lelia Gowland


Lelia Gowland started her company because women kept coming to her for support in workplace negotiations and career decision-making. Now a sought after public speaker and writer on workplace dynamics for women, Lelia has worked with companies like GE and Expedia.com.

Clients often remark that Lelia's characteristic levity enlivens even the most challenging topics. A recent event participant noted, "Lelia's energy, confidence, and approachable personality instills optimism and courage in her clients."

Considered a thought leader in the field, Lelia is a regular contributor to Forbes and has been profiled in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire for her unique approach.

With a Master's in Public Policy and a BA in Sociology, she applies her understanding of political, professional, and cultural systems to support women in the workplace. Learn more at gowlandllc.com.